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Render (rehn dEr): 1. to cause to be or become; make.

My name is Amy Curtis. I am the mother of two young boys and one angel son, striving to manage the everyday and keep strong through life's craziness. I spend my days chasing, cooking, feeding, cleaning, changing, kissing, redirecting, budgeting, shopping, giving, taking, compromising, running, debating, listening, talking, driving, playing, protecting, snuggling, watching, thinking, thanking, singing, wiping, choosing, coloring, dressing, encouraging, working, discouraging, and loving. These are just some of the things that Render Me Mama.

I started this blog in 2009 just after the birth of my middle son to chronicle the craziness that has become life. This blog has seen me through countless travels, birthdays, the uprise and eventual downfall of my first marriage, my new engagement and the birth and death of my third son.

I focus on all things Atlanta life and family travel along with the day to day life of being a parent of young children.

Looking for me? Question? Rant? Love? Feel free to email me about anything! I do my best to return all of the email I get in but it may take me a day or so. Don't feel neglected!

To get the quickest response:

amy @ rendermemama.com

If you are just generally here to stalk me:

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  1. Our kids are close in age, Avery was born Sept 22. I can't believe her first birthday is so close!!


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